Radioactive Tritium powered Keyring


(Pic is taken from Wikipedia.)

My tritium powered Nite glowring just arrived. It’s green and I really like it! 😀 The one on the pic above glows a bit stronger than mine, but I think that’s caused by the camera. (Probably made with an extra long exposure time) The package says it’ll glow for at least 10 years and since the half-life of tritium is around 12.32 years, it actually sounds plausible. Naturally there are only around 3,5 kilograms of tritium on our whole planet so mine is probably waste from a nuclear power plant. 😉


  1. jow moin haste schonma testen lassen ob das ding wirklich radioaktiv is ? wär doch interressant son paar mutationen

    for the english speaking fellows

    hi there has it been tested for radioactivity (karma) yet ? since i really would like to know wether it can mutate your body or
    may even generate higher eye-sight or a longer tounge ( my girlfriend is really interested in that one… selfish bitch)


    Der Schuh

    Friendly Regards
    The Shoe

    • I haven’t tested yet, but I am sure it does. I mean how else could it keep on glowing for that long? Besides using Tritium for long glowing isn’t new – it has been used in emergency light switches, for emergencies exits as well as for military gun sights. Though Tritium has the weakest known natural emission of beta rays – So you’ll only have a chance to get your daily cancer by either inhaling, or swallowing it right after you opened it. That will have your body use some of those Tritium atoms inside your cells and thus giving you a high chance to get all the cancer you desire. As long as it stays outside your body it won’t even go through the upper skin layers.

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