Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is an anonymous peer to peer network which aims to become the #1 in Japan. You have to share at least 40 Gigabyte of your hard drive which is used for the networks exceptional storage system which works like a global RAID. Everything a user uploads will be stored in tiny encrypted parts over the space of thousands of users. But it’s more than just anonymous file sharing, you can also create boards and post on the ones of other users. Since 100MBit/s is widely the normal way to surf the net in Japan, Perfect Dark demands at least 100KByte/s.

Perfect Dark main screen

Download link: Perfect Dark 1.10 (latest)

Older versions:
Perfect Dark Binary
Perfect Dark 1.02
Perfect Dark 1.06

After running the binary it installs itself to the current directory and asks you for a few settings. You have to open a port and fill in an encoded address of another node in order to get it working.

You may use one of those Perfect Dark node lists to bootstrap:


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  3. Nice I used this a lot living in japan. My parents were military and lived on the base and the military isp was strict about file sharing so other than TOR for public torrents I also used this and Ran a anime board too for sharing naruto media. I saw this article when you first posted it in 2008 helped me lots. Thanks.

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