sigrok for OS X

Last weekend I spent some time compiling the open source signal analysis software sigrok and its GUI pulseview on OS X. While it still isn’t running perfectly smooth and there’s a major bug preventing saving ones captures, I still found it quite interesting to play with. It supports a variety of devices for data acquisition and if one doesn’t happen to own any of those, there’s always the demo mode to try. Loading firmwares for supported devices works as well, though they have to be dropped inside the application bundle. (

I’ll make sure to build a new one once the bugs are gone, but this is it for now: PulseView.dmg

Upstream Sigrok/PulseView now provides official builds for MacOS.


  1. Thanks for your PulseView build. I was able to get the sigrok-cli to build using the homebrew steps on but the neither the homebrew or manual steps for PulseView work for me (OSX 10.10). It is getting hung up in CMake with a declared macro Q_WS_X11 but not defined. In any case, your PulseView build doesn’t have interfaces for items like the serial port (driver: ols, used by bus pirate) or Fluke DMMs (driver: fluke-dmm). Is there any way for you to rebuild including support for all drivers? Seems like somehow –with-libserialport needs to be included when build libsigrok. I’d try it myself but just can’t get PulseView to build…

    • I’ve actually been building an updated version, but then I got a bit sidetracked. First fixing OSX specific PulseView bugs, and then by being sent to China without a return ticket. I’ll try to find some time to finish it up in about two to three weeks.

  2. Just to let folks know, I successfully built pulseview for macos (sierra) using the homebrew steps outlined in the wiki:

    $ brew tap rene-dev/sigrok
    $ brew install python3
    $ brew install –HEAD libserialport
    $ brew install –HEAD –with-libserialport libsigrok
    $ brew install –HEAD libsigrokdecode
    $ brew install –HEAD –with-libserialport sigrok-cli
    $ brew install –HEAD pulseview

    it runs, but I’m still trying to figure out how to get it to actually talk to my Bus Pirate 🙁

  3. Hi Elias,

    I am new to sigrok and logic analyzers. Having a Mac, I would like to use pulseview on it. As not being very familiar with programing etc. the question came up how can I install a driver? Pulseview starts, but of course before solving this, I won’t have access to the dslogic logic basic analyzer.
    On the firmware website of sigrok I find two files for this model. Do they fit to windows machines or even all? The process is not clear to me.
    Can anybody help on that please?

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